At Enso Holistic Health, we support people shift from exhaustion and isolation to connection and fulfillment by utilizing balancing and somatic techniques.

Despite checking all the boxes for what was supposed to lead to a fulfilled and happy life,

You feel…

  • Exhausted with little left to give

  • Disconnected and not present

  • Persistently stressed

  • Boxed in by your roles and responsibilities

  • Stuck and unclear about what you need to do to move forward

You noticed that you are…

  • Not taking care of your body and/or mental health

  • Becoming increasingly irritable/emotional or emotionally numb

  • Engaging in excessive behaviors to cope (i.e. over-eating, substance use including alcohol, binging on social media and/or other forms of entertainment, overspending on items that you want but do not need)

  • Experiencing strain and/or distance in your relationships

  • Requiring a lot of time by yourself to decompress

If you relate to any of these feelings and experiences, you are not alone. We have been there too. You are not broken or defective. In fact, these feelings are common but typically remain unspoken.

You have invested so much in others. Now, say yes to you and begin your journey towards wholeness.

Our Specialities Include:

  • Intense and overwhelming emotions (depression, anxiety, irritability/anger)

  • Chronic exhaustion/burnout

  • Relationship challenges

  • Lack of direction/purpose/identity

  • Phase of life struggles (i.e. entering adulthood, embarking on a new career, preparing for/adjusting to retirement)

  • Multicultural issues and microaggressions

  • Difficult spiritual awakening

  • Twin flame journey